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Projects that we were able to implement in 2018

  • Support for
    • more than 500 students in Damascus, Aleppo and Hauran
    • some schools in Damascus and Aleppo
    • hundreds of needy families for whatever was most urgent (medicine, medical operations, heating oil)
    • priests and their social and pastoral activities
    • Easter, First Communion and Christmas celebrations, by contributing small gifts for the children in over 40 parish centres
    • summer tent camps for 4,000 children and teenagers
  • Financing a large share of a school bus for the children near Damascus
  • Furnishing several catechesis centers
  • Acquisition and installation of a loudspeaker system for the Cathedral of the Melkite Patriarchate in Damascus
  • Funding the local production of new pews for the Melkite Cathedral in Homs
  • Shipping to Syria six large containers (à 6 m3) filled with humanitarian goods

Ongoing or planned projects 2019

  • Starting the construction of a regional bakery
  • Purchase of a school bus for Maaruneh
  • Finalizing the cooperation terms and modalities with the coordination office “Melcord” in the Patriarchate in Damascus (office rooms are already available)
  • Setting up a sewing workshop
  • Facilitating the supply of learning laptops (provided by Labdoo) to Syrian schools (two such laptops were already handed over and were received with gratitude, more are being planned)
  • Facilitating some projects through contact building, with the projects intended to then continue independently (for example mobile hospital container busses, buses for the Melkite Seminary in Lebanon, support of very poor families in Latakia, etc.)
  • Support of a dialysis centre (in cooperation with “Apotheker helfen”, an initiative of Austrian pharmacists)
  • Sending transport containers with humanitarian goods to Syria (please see also menu item “Humanitarian goods”)
  • Mediation of Mass Intentions
  • Providing medical care and financial support to some very poor families
  • Providing support to a retirement home
  • Providing a supplement to the by far insufficient salaries of pedagogues
  • Support of priests and their social and pastoral tasks
  • Facilitating the donation of second-hand agricultural machines to Syria
  • Collection and forwarding of second-hand medical equipment as well as nursing and hospital beds