The hands

There are two open hands.

A hand is always a symbol of activity, work, action and creation.

The hands are open to receive the gifts of God coming through human hands. At the same time, they are open in order to pass on these gifts from God to those people who need them.

Christ in the centre

The two thumbs cross each other as a sign of connectedness and form the letter X (in Greek: Chi). This is the symbol of Christ. This symbol is in the middle of the drawing and illustrates that Christ is the center of this community. Christ initiates and brings about the whole process.

The fish

Between the hands you see a fish (in Greek: ΙΧΘΥΣ – Jesus Christ, Sun of God, Savior). He is the ancient symbol of Christianity. In this logo, the fish signals that these hands must testify the faith in Christ, who said “without me you can do nothing” (Jn 15: 5).

The bread

The hands hold a piece of bread – a symbol of life. The task of the community of “Korbgemeinschaft” is to pass on the life that comes from God.

The flame

Above the thumb (above the X) there is a flame that reminds us of the Holy Spirit. It symbolizes that this spirit comes from Jesus. The bread is meant to convey God’s spirit: the spirit of love, strength and hope.

The chalice

The basket also has the shape of a chalice or cup. This reminds us of the Eucharist, which instructs us to act. The dedication and commitment of Jesus to human beings is to be continued through us.

The colors

Blue stands for peace, green for hope, yellow for life and optimism, red for love, sacrifice and self-devotion.