Sr. Walburga Starkl CS (born in Vienna in 1954 and grown up on the outskirts of Vienna) is a Sister of the religious order “Caritas Socialis” (she joined the order in 1986).

Since Easter 2015, she has been working as a volunteer in the management of the Syria-focused foundation “Korbgemeinschaft – Hilfe für Syrien”. The mission that Blessed Hildegard Burjan, founder of Caritas Socialis, passed on to the Sisters is to provide help wherever it is needed most desperately and where other helpers are not available. Sr. Walburga has worked in many pastoral and social areas. Apart from her other tasks, the engagement for Syria has become very dear to her heart. Through her work with Father Hanna Ghoneim, she sees how important it is to help people in Syria who are currently not able to survive without help from outside.