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You give them something to eat! (Mt 14:16)

With the little we have in our hands, we can alleviate a lot of hardship and give new hope with God’s grace.

The foundation “Korbgemeinschaft – Hilfe für Syrien” was able to carry out the following projects in 2016 and 2017, in cooperation with some aid organizations who act as project partners in Syria and thanks to the support of friends of the foundation:

• Summer camps for children and young people in 2016 and 2017
• Mediation of mass intentions to priests who have very little income
• Provision of medication for dialysis and cancer patients
• Facilitating necessary medical surgeries and treatments
• Support for orphaned children
• Heating oil for old people and people impoverished by the war in Syria
• Support for the teaching staff of a private school in Aleppo
• Christmas gifts for children
• Bibles as a gift for children receiving First Communion
• Renovation of the sanitary facilities of a school in Maaruneh near Damascus
• Support for poor families
• Meat for impoverished families for Christmas
• Power generators for kindergartens, churches and parish centers
• Support for the staff of a kindergarten in Aleppo
• Telephone system for an old people’s home in Maarat-Saydnaya near Damascus
• Printing of new books for catechesis
• Repair of the sanctuary of the Melkite Cathedral in Homs
• Support for impoverished families in Damascus for their daily needs
• Support for students (fare and tuition fees)


Planned projects, for some of which preparatory work has already started:


• New church benches for the ruined and rebuilt Cathedral in Homs
• Financial support for the priests of the Melkite Archdiocese of Hauran and Schebel al Arab
• Establishment of a pharmacy in the countryside
• “Bread for Syria”: Building a bakery near Damascus
• Copying paper for parishes, parish centers, schools and teaching centers in Syria (as there is a shortage of school books, documents for the classroom must often be copied)
• Renovation of churches, schools, ….
• Technical equipment of parish centers
• Training of apprentices
• School buses for rural areas
• Agricultural projects