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…  (your) volunteer support as

Helpers for container transports to Syria

as a point of contact for the collection of relief supplies
finding suitable, dry storage spaces
collection services (ideally with a car, trailer, van or similar vehicle)
sorting and labeling of relief supplies and preparation of packing lists (German and Arabic)
loading the containers
lending auxiliary equipment for loading, e.g. stacker trucks
help in the overall coordination

Office helpers

translation services (German, Arabic, English, French)
accounting work
PC work
Other office work (Website, etc.)

Supporting students from Syria

accommodation in Vienna for some young people who would like to study in Vienna
support in the initial phase (German language, assistance in settling bureaucratic requirements, etc.)
financial support

Signing up for a first contact meeting

The desirable assets of our volunteer helpers in “Korbgemeinschaft” include suitability for teamwork, empathy, tactfulness, respect and mental strength.

Some ideas for activities: To facilitate the collection of funds for Syria through parishes, one could organize flea markets, benefit concerts, or similar events, or one could encourage Syria donations on special occasions, e.g. instead of buying gifts or flowers for birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries and jubilees or instead of buying wreaths for funerals.